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Mutual Fire Insurance Company of French Township was organized in 1882 in French Township, Adams County, Indiana. The Mutuals’ Purpose was to assist one another in losses resulting from fire, lightning or multiple peril and to furnish such insurance to policyholders at cost. The Company collected assessments as needed in order to maintain a balance so that losses and expenses could be paid immediately.


The Company extended its business over Adams, Wells and surrounding counties in the state of Indiana. Since its founding, the company has expanded its coverage to over 20 counties in the state of Indiana. 


Mutual Fire Insurance members are additionally protected by the backing of the large reinsurer, Grinnell Mutual, which limits the company’s exposure in the event of a catastrophic losses. Grinnell Mutual is rated “A” by the A.M. Best Company. As a result, members now pay only coverage-based premiums rather than assessments when losses occur. 




The Company’s agents, officers and directors are all residents of the community it serves. Policyholders automatically become members of the Company. 

Mutual Fire Insurance Company of French Township, Decatur, Indiana
Mutual Fire Insurance Company of French Township, Decatur, IN

Agent, Melvin Burkhart


Secretary, Arlene Stump

Board of Directors:

Max Reinhard

Philip Moser

Arlene Stump

Kerry Kauffman

Melvin Burkhart

Jeff Lehman


Larry Myers

Rod Bollenbacher

Brent Kaehr

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